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Private Investigative Services Based Out of Las Vegas, NV and Reno, NV

When you are looking for a private investigator, you want an expert confidential investigator that will provide the best results possible.

Exfed Investigations has been in business in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1999. James B. Conklin, president and founder has an extensive background that includes 26 years as federal agent, 3 years as a gaming control agent and 15 years as a private investigator. As a federal agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Mr. Conklin has had several foreign and domestic assignments, is highly experienced and has developed contacts worldwide. Exfed Investigations is fully licensed, has deep experience, abides by the law and gets the results you need.

With offices in 44 countries, DEA is well renowned as the premier investigative agency of the United States. Mr. Conklin can call upon a vast network on associates with long developed government and police contacts to obtain the intelligence you require. Mr. Conklin held assignments throughout the Far East and is considered an expert in this area.

Whether your investigation is in Las Vegas, throughout the US or anywhere in the world, contact Exfed Investigations at 702-204-7654. There is never a fee for consultation. Our investigators are highly trained, professional and efficient.

Exfed Investigations specializes in domestic and corporate investigations both in the US and international. Investigations are conducted in the field of criminal defense, background, civil litigation, financial/asset, pre-employment, location of missing persons. We have a very efficient surveillance team for domestic and corporate issues.

Exfed Investigations guarantees that your investigation will be conducted legally and professionally to ensure that the information we gather will be administered in court.
Computer Crime Concept - Criminal Defense in Las Vegas, NV
Man Signed Tax Form - Legal in Las Vegas, NV
Photographer - Surveillance in Las Vegas, NV
"I hired Jim and his team to stakeout some dodge-y defendants and he was able to find them quickly. He was thorough and efficient and even took video proof! We had spent a considerable amount of money paying other process servers who failed miserably. Wish we had gone to Jim first!"
- Bella C.